Why didn't I get a Notice of Appraised Value this year?

You may only receive a Notice of Appraised Value if there was a value change or if there was an ownership change. The county is required to send a Notice of Appraised Value if your property value increases. Even if your property value didn't change from one year to the next, it still may be overvalued due to market variation.

Can I protest my property's value? When? How?

All property owners who are taxed based on the value of their property may protest the Noticed Appraised Value at their respective County Appraisal District. This is available even if no Notice of Appraised Value is received by the owner. This is done by filing a Notice of Protest with the county appraisal district by May 15.

Will I have to re-protest each year?

Changes in property value may vary year to year due to many factors. Re-protesting each year may or may not be necessary depending on the specific property.

Clients of Resolute Property Tax Solutions will have their property taxes protested each year. If nothing else, this is to keep track of values from year to year. If the value is not reduced, nothing is owed to the company.

Resolute clients will have this process completed for them as a part of our service.

Could this make my property sell for less in the future?

County values are based on mass appraisal and used solely for taxation purposes.

Will protesting my property taxes take much time or effort?

This is a difficult question to answer. Each protest may take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to complete either informally or formally. If nothing is resolved in the informal hearing, an Appraisal Review Board hearing must be scheduled for another time. Between preparing evidence and attending hearings, one could be looking at several hours of work.

Resolute does all this work for you. Our all-in-one service offers the convenience and experience to do the job efficiently and thoroughly.

When will I get my Notice of Appraised Value?

Depending on the county, notices will go out sometime between early March and mid April.

Is it common to protest property taxes?

Approximately 10% of residential property owners in the DFW area protest their property taxes. This number is less than the percentage of residential property protests in similar metropolitan areas in Texas. Commercial property owners protest more often than residential property owners out of business necessity.

How much does Resolute charge?

For residential clients, Resolute works on a contingency basis where our commission is 40% of the realized tax savings. If we can't reduce your property taxes, you don't pay us anything.

For commercial property owners, each property will have to be reviewed to determine an appropriate commission percentage. Contact us for property specific details.

What if I want to protest multiple properties?

We can handle as many property protests as you would like. Once an account is created for you as a client, you can add as many properties to that account as you would like. New contracts will need to be signed, but that is a very simple process which takes under 10 minutes.

Do I need to sign up with Resolute each year?

No. We use perpetuity contracts so we can perform services each year without bothering the clients with time consuming and environmentally wasteful paperwork.

Is it difficult to sign up with Resolute?

Not at all. Our one-time sign-up process can be done in just a few minutes - online or over the phone. Our contracts can even be signed via Esignature and payments can be processed online as well. We've gone to every effort to provide every convenience.

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