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Why Resolute?

If you are thinking that your property taxes might be too high and you want to pay less property taxes, then we would like to show you a way that you can potentially reduce your tax liability without spending any additional time or money.

We help property owners reduce what they pay in taxes – and we do it in a way that ELIMINATES the frustrations people typically have when dealing with a property tax service. Here’s how: In recent years we have analyzed tens of thousands of properties and we found that the majority of them have property tax rates that are too high.

Resolute overcomes three frustrations commercial property owners have with property tax services:

  • Effort
    Large, “turn and burn” firms do little to actually lower your taxes. They automate large-scale evidence and reports and provide an easy, underwhelming result. What they lose in quality they figure they will make up in volume. They profit, you pay. At Resolute, we pay the price to help you keep your money.
  • Long-Term Impact
    Others give minimal effort, they take their fee, leaving you paying high taxes year after year. With Resolute, you save money, year after year.
  • Service
    Call big firms and you deal with a new person almost every time. At Resolute; you can call and speak to the specialist handling your case, anytime.

Resolute has made the decision to work on commission only. We are willing to take the chance with you. If it turns out that you are over appraised, we will meet with the Appraisal District and negotiate your valuation. If your property is correctly appraised, you won't owe us anything.

Consumer Alert!
The Protest Deadline is May 31st in accordance with The Texas Property Tax Code. Many appraisal districts have a message on their notices that refers to an "Early Deadline." There is no such thing. If you read the fine print you will see that the actual deadline is May 31st. You have not missed your chance to protest as long as you protest by May 31st.

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Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding your property tax negotiation. We are happy to help you with all of your property tax needs.

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