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Resolute Property Tax consultants provide services of property tax relief.  We do this by attaining the lowest possible assessed value for your property, therefore attaining lower property taxes for you.

Our property tax consultants perform a detailed analysis specifically tailored to your property, comparing it to others in your neighborhood.  We do this for both equitable appraisal and to check consistency with recent sales. From here our property tax consultants will file all the appropriate paperwork with the appraisal district, and then meet with the appraisal district to present supporting documentation to negotiate a lower valuation on your behalf. 

This process will include filing protests and other paperwork, informal appraisal hearings, formal Appraisal Review Board hearings, and expert witness in judicial appeals if necessary.  If a judicial appeal process is necessary or requested, we have an in-house attorney that will assist in the litigation process.  Our property tax consultants will do everything in their service to work with the attorney to bring the best suit possible before the appraisal district. 

Here is an example:

123 Maple St. is given a noticed ad valorem assessment value of $100,000 by the Denton Central Appraisal District. This particular home is located in an area with a 3% tax rate.  The property tax due for this home, pending no petitions or exemptions, is $3,000.  A Resolute property tax consultant petitions for an appraisal review and finds evidence that the value of the home is really $85,000.  If Denton CAD agrees with that argument the home’s value is changed creating a lower property tax of $2,550 for the taxpayer.  This is a 15% savings in property taxes due amounting to $450.  We bill 50%, so you save $225 without ever lifting a finger. 

Denton Central Appraisal District (Denton CAD) is responsible for appraising property value for Denton property taxes and maintaining market value, allowing local funding for school districts, and ensuring that appraisals are performed in an equally uniform manner. This way taxpayers only pay a fair part of their property taxes. Established in 1982, Denton CAD deals with an average of 50,000 protests per year. All tax entities have their property taxes valued by the appraisal district. Denton Central Appraisal District is responsible for assessing property values, then each entity establishes its own property tax rate for each property. The Denton Appraisal District is governed by a board of directors consisting of 5 voting members appointed by taxing parties. However, if the county tax assessor is not appointed by the parties as a voting member of the board, they automatically serve as a non-voting board member.

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